How to keep motivated

Sometimes, not always, we feel unmotivated, and tend to procrastinate about “that job” that we need to do but can not be bothered to.

I for one have had a few of those day lately, hence the reason i’m making this post. The main thing is I got the motivation to get back to work and back into doing what I love.

Sometimes you have to work first then treat yourself later, yes it is like rewarding a child but it is a must! Balance is important and if you find yourself over working and on the edge, it is time to give yourself a break. Making sure to have something to look forward to also give you the motivation to finish what ever you must do.

One thing that helps to keep me motivated recently is positive affirmations. For example me and my husband recently brought a white board, which we placed directly on the wall in front of the bed, so it is the first thing we see in the morning. I include a medium but manageable list of “things to do” along with positive quotes. Such as ” get it done” ” the weekend is near” ! Something that will keep me going when I start to lose motivation!

Hope this helps guys, I am not always the most motivated person but I do love to motivate others. Let me know what you do to motivate yourself .

Reminder to myself – Practice what I preach!

Revolution Beauty SHOOK palette | First impressions

Revolution beauty also once known as “Makeup revolution” has to be one of my top go to drug store brands! They never seem to stop with their amazing value for money and quality.

So when I laid eyes on this palette I for one was “SHOOK”, firstly at how big the color variations where and secondly the price. At €11.99 you get 6 transition shades and a whopping 36 eye shadows! Not to mention a huge mirror.

My first impressions where “WOW” the colors are super bright and eye catching, I was especially drawn to the foil like metallic shades, and some of the more “exotic” shades like “Aquatic” which I do hope to try.

As for swatches, I did not record sampling them all, however I did sample some of the ones which appealed to me the most ( as you will see in the video). The texture is super soft on the finger tip and blends quite while into the skin. The shadows do not have much of a fall out, just the usual amount I would expect. PS: Check out my Instagram for the swatches @jobeautee

Overall my initial thoughts on this product have to be positive, I can not wait to do a full makeup look using these shadows. Let me know your thoughts if you have also purchased the palette, and what type of look you would want to see!

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La Roche- Posay |First impressions

Hey everyone, hope you are having a lovely day! I am excited to share some new skincare products ( new to me) from the brand La Roche- Posay, which my dear friend Anette, had introduced me to.

I had been particularly interested in the products which would help hydrate, reduce dark circles, help my hyperpigmentation and prevent acne. All of my current skin issues.

About the brand:


“The aim is to bring the most efficacious yet highly tolerated products to those with sensitive skin. Whatever your skin concern and whatever your stage in life, La Roche-Posay has a solution – even for those with the most delicate and reactive of skin.” ”
Our strict formulas are proven to transform the lives of those with even the most reactive skin. In fact, 9/10 dermatologists would recommend La Roche-Posay for sensitive skin” –
La Roche – Posay website

Serozinc spray :               

ZINC SULFATE SOLUTION CLEANSING SOOTHING: This mattifying face mist for oily skin helps reduce the appearance of shine with zinc sulfate. Suitable for sensitive skin. ” – La Roche – Posay website

Price : £5-£10 depending on the size

First impressions:

So firstly I have more dry skin than oily, however for the cleansing and smoothing benefits I thought I would give it a try. The consistency is very watery however refreshing. I was quite shocked at first as the spray hit my face it was cold on my skin and running down my face. I had to then quickly start tapping the product into my skin and neck.

Hyalu B5 Serum :

“Wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity, tired and dull skin.
A unique pro-skin recovery formula featuring two types of pure hyaluronic acids, vitamin B5 and madecassoside, to help plump the look of skin, repair skin’s barrier and activate skin renewal.” –
La Roche – Posay website

Price : £37.00

This product reminded me of “The body shop’s Drops of youth serum” which I love. The gel like consistency was pleasant and cooling on the skin, as well as having a subtle smell. The product blended really well into the skin and left a natural glow and shine. The serum is also very lightweight on the skin and did not feel sticky. For me I did not mind the light fragrance as it was not chemically or too harsh. My skin looked and felt hydrated and appeared plump.

Effcalar Duo + Unifant :

“Sensitive and dehydrated eye contour. Fatigue-induced under eye circles and eyelid puffiness.
Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful moisturising active ingredient, combined with high concentrations of La Roche-Posay thermal spring water, intensely rehydrates the eye contour by infusing the skin with water and reduces the appearance of puffiness “
La Roche – Posay website

Price £15.00

This product I was super excited to try, as I suffer from dark circles. I could not say I have very bad under eye circles, however enough to make my eyes look tired. So on first application I did feel a cooling tingling sensation, which was rather nice. I guess that would be the caffeine which is one of the ingredient. The product left my under eyes looking visible brighter as my friend also noticed. It also leaves a shiny residue which is why this product is suitable for dry skin, as it is super hydrating. Although this is a first impressions, I believe this cream is great for people with dryness under their eyes, especially during the winter.

Let me know what products from this brand you have tried and would recommenced me to a full review! See you guys in my next post.

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Photography| Getting that “perfect” shot

Me and my good friend Anette, both creative individuals and photography enthusiasts decided to meet up for coffee and a laid back photoshoot. Knowing how spontaneous we are, I ended up on a rusting balcony posing to very observant passers by!

At first I was shy. awkward waiting for a moment until the “coast was clear”. However my friend made me feel at ease and carried on taking photos as if no one was there. To my surprise this experience really got me outside my comfort zone and feeling confident than ever! Sometimes you got to take a opportunity, be free within yourself and let yourself shine.

As you can tell by the photography, my friend was able to get some awesome shots and angles. Not only that but the setting gave the photos a really ancient rustic vibe. Moral of the stories is that although at the start you may feel out of your comfort zone, don’t let that stop you from taking on the challenge!

Sipping Ice tea
Anette and I My friends blog >

What are some of the challenges you have faced while being a blogger or photographer, in public? Leave a comment down below 🙂

Party Proof hair | L’oreal Elnett Hair Care Range

Hey there! I guess you here to find out how you can keep your hair looking voluminous, shiny, and healthy? Well Considering I just got married, (thank you, thank you!) I definitely was in need of reliable products for the day.

Well as you can tell by the picture below, my trusted go to hair styling products are by L’oreal. The reason I had chosen the Elnett range was because I had of course tried them out before so I knew the result I was getting. Hence why I wanted to share the benefits the products had and has given my hair on the many occasions.

The styling mousse :

£5.99 200 ml
( Price on Superdrug website)

  • Gave my hair lasting volume and shine
  • Smelt great
  • Did not leave my hair feeling greasy
  • Did not weigh my hair down
  • Easy to apply on wet hair
  • Hair did not feel sticky or leave a residue

The hairspray:

£6.69 400 ml | £3.99 200 ml ( Prices on Superdrug website)

  • Gave my hair shine
  • Smelt pleasant
  • Did not feel sticky
  • Kept my hair curled all day!
  • Easy to comb through
  • Did not make my hair look “stiff”

These are the reasons why I would highly suggest this product! Not only are they affordable, they do exactly whats on the bottle. Below you can check out my YouTube video of how you can style your hair using the products. You can see for yourself how the products work and the results I got. Yes the video was filmed a while back. But it goes to show how I still use and trust these products and still would highly recommend them.

Disclaimer : These products and video are not sponsored, all opinions are my own honest experiences.

Moving to Slovenia

Being born in Scotland, then moving to the West Midlands where I spent majority of  my childhood and adolescent years. Right up until adulthood, I have always lived in the heart of a busy city! That was all about to change..

Meeting my partner, a Slovenian about 5 years ago, I was opened to a whole new world when I first visited Ljubljana ( Slovenia capital). Not only was it my first time traveling abroad, but vising a country, that at max had a population of roughly 2 million residence. To my amazement, I had noticed the change in atmosphere as soon as I stepped out the plane. The cold breeze and quietness hit me, along with the breathtaking view of the mountains in the distance.

Arriving In Slovenia

Slovenia is a true hidden gem, with it comes various villages and towns and plenty of open land. Something I was not used it, as I could always hear the sound of cars and noise constantly when I was living in the city. Here was the opposite, the outer regions ( where I currently live now) away from the city are quite and peaceful. Plenty of scenery and animals. You can be sure to find a place, where all you can hear is the nature around you.

Mrzlica mountain

The people I have met around town and outer regions are super welcoming to outsiders, in my experience. The first time I went out for a run I was greeted warmly by strangers. Something I rarely experienced In the city. However having traveled to the capital, I noticed more diversity compared to the smaller town areas. People are more reserved, and I guess used to foreigners similar to back home.

Christmas lights event in Ljubljana ( Slovenia capital)

Moving to Slovenia has been a real adventure so far, and I am excited for the journey ahead and what other secrets I shall discover…

Thank you for your time! Make sure to leave a comment or follow me on social media, would love to get to know you all..

Pore vacuum Cleanser

As one of the many young adults to have skin troubles, of course I was on the look out for the next ” new” solution to getting rid of acne/ bumpy skin texture. I had seen many ads on this “vacuum suction device” ( quite graphic videos too) gross to watch, however weirdly satisfying.  I thought to myself I would quite enjoy pulling those nasty buggers out too! So here it is, my thoughts on this sucker..

PS: Although this device claims to do a variety of skin treatments I mainly was focused on the acne, exfoliate dead skin and reduce grease aspect. My skin type is dry, uneven skin tone, blemished and occasionally has a bumpy texture. 

Left to right  – Instruction booklet, circle mini sponges, 3 types of heads, USB charger, main device, packaging box

Product description/ features :                                                                 

Product name : 4-in1 blackhead remover BR410                

Main functions:  Removes black heads,  Reduces skin acne, Reduces grease,  Minimize clogged pores, Exfoliate dead skin ,  tighten up skin, Lessen wrinkle, Smooth fine lines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

 Packaging  :                                                                                                                     Standard cardboard box 

Initial review:                                                                                                                So the instructions ( which are in English) suggest to use a hot steamer, hot towel or a blackhead remover gel/cream. The cream which Is not provided nor did I have at the time was not a option, so I opted for the hot steam. Considering I did have a cold at the time of use the hot steam was also beneficial for my blocked nose!    PS: Before use, you must charge the device, until the light glows green! 

So once the steaming action was over ( 5 minutes recommended) I decided to use the ” large circle hole head” which was already attached to the device. This head is recommended for ” stronger suction, black head remover, grease, cosmetic residue also for firming and lifting the skin”. 

Before applying the suction to my face, I luckily had made sure to try it out on my hand. I do warn you that the suction on your hand may seem weak, however on the face area it is much stronger! I kept the settings on low, as it was quite powerful. I made sure to move the suction in circular motions as the instructions read, as well as making sure it stayed on a area for no more than 2 seconds at a time. 

The suction for me was bearable ( eye brow threading is much worse), however for my partner who I had persuaded to give it a shot, found it unpleasant and painful! After 5 minutes of use, I did turn into a red tomato, however I did see some bits and bobs which the device sucked out! ( I am not including a picture as I am classy that way ) Nasty but I happy, as those clogged pores are a contributing factor to my acne. 

 During the second week, I had also used the” Microcrystalline dead skin head ” which is a lot more vigorous in removing dead skin. The textured head is slightly more painful as my skin felt sore and seemed puffy after. However I did notice the dry flakes and skin in the head which was surprising. 

 Final thoughts:                                                                                                               So after two weeks of using this device ( once each week for dry skin as recommended). My skin feels alot smoother, I have also noticed after the first use that my acne has decreased ( I do still have a few tiny spots) and a less bumpy texture.

The only issue with this device would be the pain factor and the skin going red. If like me you are used to waxing, eye brow threading, plucking and various other forms of beauty pain. Then it shall not be a problem, however I do not have sensitive skin so the redness was gone fairly quickly after a few hours. The device does have a small circular head for a weaker suction, which claims to work on ” thin, tender or sensitive skin”.  Not to mention the device claims to help tighten fine lines around the eyes and wrinkles. 
As I do not have this type of skin, I could not give my option on this matter.

Rating:                                                                                                                               7/10  My rating reflects the claim in which the device states it would help reduce wrinkles and fine line, which I highly doubt this device would do. Also although it has made a positive difference to my complexion, the pain factor may be a issue to some. 

Price:                                                                                                                                £19.99 bought on Amazon 

Hope you enjoyed this review and if you have tried this product , let me know your thoughts and experiences ! Make sure to leave a comment and please subscribe!

DISCLAIMER :   This review is not Sponsored, Product was bought 
by myself, and opinions are all my own. Results may vary from person to person.