Living in Slovenia Q&A Part 1

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. So as I made my first Slovenian Q&A video a few weeks ago. I thought I would share it also on my blog and share a view thoughts on the questions which were asked.

Link to the full video –

1. Why did I move abroad?

So this question, is like up there, with the most asked questions about me living abroad. It does seem unlikely an Indian girl from Birmingham moving to Slovenia. However to my own surprise and many others, I moved for love.. of course. When I told my family, relatives and friends they were quite shocked, confused and surprised at the same time. Firstly because half of them had never heard of the country and had mistaken it for Slovakia and secondly, why would I, of all people be moving abroad. Well the short answer is because my husband is a Slovenian. The some what long answer is due to the fact, 4 years of a long distance relationship does take a tole on your health and future. So it was time to finally move in and settle down.

2. Have I experienced racism?

Moving to a predominately white country with no relatives or family there, and on top of that, moving to the countryside were majority of the people had probably never seen a British Indian girl before, sounded like a crazy thing to do. However I am fortunate to say my experience here in Slovenia has been rather pleasant. Every person, from work to relatives have been kind and hospitable. Not only that but many of the elderly folk are quite knowledgeable on the Indian culture and traditions. From informing me about their travels to India ( having not traveled there myself yet) to enlightening me about their experience with Kamasutra.. Yes, some of them are quite open in sharing things.. something I am definitely not used to having quite traditional relatives and family members. However it was quite refreshing to experience the openness of people here. Moreover, that is not to say that other expats of color have not experienced racism living in Slovenian, however my opinion on the matter would be, you are likely to meet ignorant people wherever you go in this world, it doesn’t matter which country you go to. The beauty of this world is the diversity, and some people haven’t evolved yet and learn to live in harmony and peace.

3. What do I dislike and like about living abroad?

Well, where do I begin? The first thing I like about living abroad is of course my husband lives here :p hehe Moving on swiftly, I really love the beauty of the countryside. Coming from a city, it is so refreshing to see mountains and nature wherever you go. That is not to say there isn’t any mountains in England, just not where I lived. Moreover, I have come to really like living in the countryside. At first it actually was quite depressing, the loneliness and isolation of it all. Only having the sound of the wind and chirping and the occasional dog barks to keep me company. As many of my neighbors are elderly, and do not speak English, it was quite a challenge for me to adapt. However now I have come to appreciate the peacefulness and got to learn so much about myself.

4. How did I make friends abroad?

Considering I never moved to Slovenia for study purposes I actually managed to connect with people of similar age and interests. I met a good friend of mine who lives in Maribor over a language app a few years ago. I am happy to say we are still really good friends and still have so much in common. I have met other people through work and an expat group on Facebook ( expats in Slovenia). Many people on the group who have also moved abroad to Slovenia, share their advice, tips and updates happening in the country. I would highly recommend the group to any new expats out there!

5. How did I find a job?

Now this is a difficult one. I have actually made a whole video on this topic which I will make another post on, so stay tuned!

6.What do I miss about home?

I have to say, the more I live in Slovenia the less I miss home. That is not to say I do not miss my family, its more to do with the environment and atmosphere. I have come to enjoy the peace and quite of the countryside, and appreciate nature more. I have learnt so much and have came out my comfort zone living in a country where I seem to be a alien. Yes it does feel that way, when I probably am the only Asian in the supermarket. But I have come to really adapt and embrace the situation.

Thank you so much for your time. I would appreciate if you would subscribe to my blog, and would love to chat with you! Stay Safe and smiling 🙂

Love, Jo x

Clinique supermoisture review

Hey there, glad you’re back for another review! So today’s product is the Clinique super moisture makeup, I brought this two or three weeks ago as I wanted to try something lighter than a foundation yet still give me some coverage as I have a uneven skin tone. Moreover I have dry skin so I am always looking for some sort of moisturizer to help keep my skin hydrated.

So as I was on the search for a moisturizer I came across the ‘Clinique supermoisture makeup’, I had done some research on what the product claimed to do as it did not state to be a foundation however gave medium coverage which is awesome for a moisturizer. Many people had mentioned it gave them radiant skin and the formula is lightweight and leaves there skin looking natural. So of course I had to try it out, as who doesn’t want natural looking glowing skin ?


The packaging is in a simple tube, which I would prefer with a pump, as one, it would save a lot of product and also a less messy way of getting the product out, however that is the only criticism I would give other than that it is fine.


The formula is definitely creamy and lightweight, I found it blends right into the skin and gives plenty of moisture. However I actually now blend some of this into my current foundation as it did not match my skin correctly as it was too light. Although now I do suggest getting your skin matched if you are planning to wear it without a foundation as it is tinted. Nevertheless I did of course test it without my foundation mixed in for the sake of the review, I had noticed standing in natural lighting that my skin was glowing as it has some sort of light reflecting partials which look gorgeous in the sunlight. This would be a great product to take on holiday in the cold or hot weather as it is lightweight and you will be radiant where ever you go!

Smell : 

I did not find it to have any sort of smell so that’s great for those who do not like strong smelling formulas.

Price :


PS.: The shade of the tube is different from the shade of the formula.

Link for the product

Clinique supermoisture makeup

Rate :


Disclaimer :

I am not sponsored by Clinique these are all my own thoughts and opinions on the product!


So I always wanted to make this video “how to live like a Slovene” just because living here has been so much fun and a real adventure! I am married to a Slovene and have adapted and taken on some of the lifestyle traits here, and wanted to share it in a fun way! Of course in this video I will generalize a lot as I am only sharing my view and experiences and by no means do I intend to offend anyone, however you may still get offended.. so apologies for that. If you are a foreigner here in Slovenia I would love to get in touch and share our experiences together! Thank you for watching 😀

PS: I might pronounce some of the Slovene words wrong, still learning here 😀

The best affordable acne treatment I have tried

Many of us one time or another, have suffered from acne, and have the scars to prove it. That’s because hyper-pigmentation and discoloration are really hard to get rid of. So, just like you, I have tried various products to help get rid of the blemishes and improve the appearance of my overall skin texture.

So, on my journey to finding a solution, I came back to a brand that I actually used many years ago. If you’re new to the brand here is some information-

“The Ordinary is an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare. The brand was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form. Its offering is pioneering, not in the familiar technologies it uses, but in its honesty and integrity.” – The Ordinary website.

On to the review, I have tested the product just over 3 weeks now. Please make sure to do a skin test as this product can dry or cause irritation. the product is not intended for sensitive skin.

Initial thoughts:
So on the night, I received my order, after taking product shots of course and my “before” photo. I eventually got round to actually using the product. So, I read on the website the reviews of course, before I bought it, along with the directions of use. Yes, it may seem obvious, you just pour a few drops on your face, but I am over the top and had to make sure. Anyways, the directions recommend doing a patch test, which of course I did not do cause I was too excited to try it out. Luckily nothing bad happened and I never turned into a strawberry. However, I do not recommend you follow my lead, because I know I do not suffer from sensitive skin. Moving on, I washed my face then I applied a few drops, on the areas I have blemishes, which for me is my cheeks. Then I went to bed and hoped for the best.

The next day:
Although products take months to see some visible effects. I did notice how smooth my skin looked! Honestly, I was shocked, because I did not expect results so fast with my skin texture. My skin, where I applied the serum looked so soft. Of course my blemishes were still there, however, the redness had reduced quite a bit. That is not to say this will happen for everyone but for me and my skin, that was the first results I noticed.

If you have dry skin like me, just be careful not to go overboard. Yes, I did start to apply the product all over my face rather than the blemished areas. Which did result in me getting minor dry patches, although I am unsure if it was the serum or my skin in general? Most likely my dry skin. Because the struggle to drink water is real.

With most skin treatments, containing beta hydroxy acid it is important that you take into consideration the duration you will spend in the sun. Due to the fact it can potentially cause sunburn and sensitivity. For this reason, I applied the product before bed as it is summer! However, during winter you can apply the product day and night.

3 weeks later, final thoughts:


Disclaimer : The photos have NOT been photoshopped (my blemished removed or altered).I have only increased the brightness, saturation and contrast.


Finally, having tried this product out continuously for three weeks, I have to say it is the best product I have found so far for me. Honestly, for the price and results I got, I would expect this product to cost way more. However, my skin feels so soft in the morning, I do not have any bumps or uneven texture. My blemishes are still slightly visible but have reduced in inflammation and redness. Moreover, I have noticed a reduction in acne for sure! Yes during my monthly cycle, I had a spot or two on my forehead, where I actually do not apply the serum. Just because, one, I have a fringe and so I do not really mind having a spot under there, and secondly most of my acne would be on my cheeks. Having said that, I can honestly say if you suffer from acne, definitely give this a try! Just be careful if you have sensitive skin. I also recommend this product to my sister, who occasionally suffers from acne, although she does have sensitive skin unlike me, so she did get some red patches as she did not read the instructions and applied various other creams on top too! So just be mindful.

Price: €5.30 30 ml

Rating: 9/10

Packaging: Frosted glass bottle

Scent: Scentless

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, I bought this product myself.

5 Tips how to survive a long distance relationship

Let’s face it, relationships are hard in general, however long distance relationships, now that is a different ball game entirely! Having been in one for 4 long years, which I can proudly say ended in a happily ever after (so far :p). I would like to share my top tips on how to cope, how to not lose hope and remain sane till you meet again!

Photo by Jason Toevs from Pexels
Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels

Okay so this is a hard one, however, paranoia can really separate a relationship if you become obsessed about everything your partner does! If you have reason to then yes, I can understand if you feel the need to “investigate”, however relationships are built on trust. If you have no reason to doubt your other half, stop the interrogation and constant messaging ” where are you?” “what are you doing?”. Because trust me, if they want you in their life they will include you in what they are doing. Especially if you both have invested time and effort into a long distance relationship!


Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

So when you get married ( hopefully with my tips :p) take this on-board too, DO NOT TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY YOUR PETTY ARGUMENTS! ( I repeat) This is a major no- no in long distance relationships and (ones in the same household). Not only is it already hard to build a rapport between your family and your partner, but telling them all the little details about an argument will just make things worse! Remember, you and your partner will get over the fight but your friends and family will not, they shall remember this till the end of time! However if of course, you are in danger of any sort then please do get help, and speak up!


This one is learned over time, watching many “relationship psychology videos” and learning to understand my spouse. For my ladies out there, I know we have high expectations and expect our partner to listen to our gossip, and take our side, be romantic like in the movies ( especially Bollywood movies). However, they are just humans like us. Every man will have traits that you fell in love with and sometimes you have to remember that! Do not try and force them to be the “ideal” man because we all have flaws and things that they find annoying too. So try your best to not expect things all the time as you will be disappointed when your high expectations are not met! Leave the gossip for your friends because half the time your partner will be lost as to who you’re talking about.


Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

This is one of the most important tips I can give you which applies to all types of relationships! Communication is key to a happy relationship, unfortunately “they” can not read our mind, so when we have our “tantrums” you can not expect them to know why. Honestly, it is hurting us being moody more than them. They just do not understand that way, so communication and tell them how your feeling. What you can improve on and how. Rather than having a sulk about why life is terrible and how they never understand and begin to degrade each other.

5. Live your life

Photo by Sam Kolder from Pexels

This can be difficult, trust me I know. However, it is so important not to forget to enjoy life while you are in the moment, away from your partner. Yes, it is beautiful to think about your time together and when you will meet again. On the other hand, you will forget to enjoy the things around you and be more involved in your head than in the present moment. Remember life is short, and time never comes back for anyone, so make the most of it now.

I Hope these tips come in handy, whether you are oceans apart or living in the same house! Distance does make the heart fonder, along with stronger. Good luck and see you in my next post.

Back To Black

Okay so, black has always been my favorite color growing up, I loved to look all “mysterious” with my black outfits. It was all about the “Emo scene” back then for me. However as I grew up, everyone would always tell me to wear more color, and so I did, and my wardrobe began to look like a rainbow! Some colors I still keep away from such as purple pants ( no shade if that’s your thing), however there is something about wearing all black that makes me feel edgy, confident and sassy.

So here is it, a simple yet make a statement outfit! Along with my dog for added sass, he was really enjoying the photo shoot..

Outfit details :


Acne Survival

Hello my beautiful friends, from the title you can tell what I am going to be diving into today! Some solutions to what could be causing your acne and what has been causing mine. After doing some intensive research and reviewing other peoples’ experiences, along with my own, I have concluded some top tips and things to look out for that could be causing your acne. So lets jump in!


How many times a month do you wash and change your pillow? Many people reply with every two weeks or once a month. Well if you are taking your phone to bed with you ( which carries a load of bacteria) and placing that on your pillow while your watching Netflix. You can tell where I’m going with this, then all that lovely bacteria could be causing the acne around your cheeks! Not only that, if your going to bed with makeup on ( BIG NO NO ) then night after night your pillow is harboring more and more bacteria, it just becomes a viscous cycle. Hence why I suggest changing your pillow at least once a week. Another tip would be to check the type of detergent your washing your sheets with, as if you have back acne, you could also be sensitive towards the fabric or the chemicals.


Now if you are a woman you know that a fluctuation in hormones can literally drive you crazy, and majority of the time it is due to stress or the time of the month. Cortisol is a hormone that plays a big part in regulating stress, weight, blood pressure to name a few. When your stress levels are high or you have a imbalance of hormones, then these major aspects can get affected and take a tole on you mentally and physically. Hence why it is important to be aware of what is triggering your stress. Are you over worked? Have you got stressful people in your life? You really need to look around and think when do I get the most stressed and is my acne a result of that.


So I am not a nutritionist, however in relation to hormones, a lot of my favorite foods have animal hormones. Such a dairy ( cheese, milk) and even meat. These can be affecting your hormones, and can be causing your acne breakouts. Realizing this I now have reduced my dairy intake and substituent my cows milk with almond or rice milk. I have noticed that my stomach does not feel as upset, for me depending when and how I was in-taking the milk ( raw or cooked) also that my acne has reduced ( it has nearly been a month). Moreover I have reduced my meat portions with a lot more vegetables, or keeping a few days of vegetable meals only.

Another few points I would like to make is keeping hydrated. Not only will your skin look better, but you are less likely to be snacking on junk foods ( salty) as you will feel full. I am not saying to cut or replace meals, however to cut back on “junk” food as a lot of the time there is a ton of E numbers ( which do taste good I admit) but can be a contributing factor.


Again with the hormones, when your workout routine fluctuates, so are your hormones.Hence why it is important to keep a schedule, that way your body will also work in harmony. Another point is that you are also releasing a oily substance known as sebum, so you can imagine when your sweating and the dirt which you are carrying from touching the equipment, can easily land on your face, and cause a breakout. This is because your pores are open and dirt and bacteria can get trapped under the first layer of skin.

Not only that, the detergent, frequency of bathing ( dry your skin out which produces more oils), the deodorant, can all be contributing factors to your acne. So it might be time to review what you are using and if your are sensitive towards it.


Having acne can make you want to go out and buy everything in order to get rid of it, however it could just be making it worse. Yes there are products which I shall be doing a review on, which can help with the appearance of acne . However some products could be inflaming the skin, causing more oil production and irritation. Hence why I would suggest checking out the ingredients. Products that I tend to use, include an Aloe Vera moisturizer along with a cleanser which contains micellar water for makeup removing. For a long time I used to use the easy option of wipes, however after research and advice, I realized that they are not doing nothing good for my skin.

Exfoliating can be beneficial to the skin to remove dirt, however if you are doing this on a regular basis you could be irritating the skin which then becomes sensitive and dry. Which in turn could make you more likely to break out and produce more oils to help hydrate your skin. While it is important to exfoliate make sure to do things in moderation!

Well there we have it, some of the things that I have found could be contributing to my acne! Make sure to do your own research as everyone is different and by no means am I a professional. I hope that these tips help you discover a solution to your skin issues and please feel free to share your experiences and tips! See you in another post.